Itäsuomalainen valtuuskunta - Eastern Finnish Delegation

Itäsuomalainen valtuuskunta is an delegation formed by Eastern Finnish osakunnat, including Wiipurilainen Osakunta, Savolainen Osakunta, Karjalainen Osakunta, Kymenlaakson Osakunta and Östra Finlands Nation. The delegation was ratified on 19.8.2016 at the Itäsuomalaiset kesäjuhlat event with the signing of a charter.

The purpose of the delegation is to deepen connections and collaborative work between Eastern Finnish osakunnat as well as improve the position of its members. The delegation is responsible for organising the annual Itäsuomalaiset kesäjuhlat party, where Eastern Finnish osakunnat Savolainen Osakunta, Karjalainen Osakunta, Kymmenlaakson Osakunta, Wiipurilainen Osakunta and Östra Finlands Nation join together to celebrate Eastern Finnishness. 

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