Other Clubs

In addition to WiO’s oldest and mostly independent club, Wiipuriliaisen Osakunnan Laulajat, several other clubs organise diverse activities for WiO members.


Kyykkäkerho plays the traditional Karelian lawn game kyykkä. Their way of playing kyykkä is not one of intense competitiveness, but rather with the aim of having a nice time while playing this traditional sport with friends. In winter the kyykkäkerho participates in the Akateeminen MM-kyykkä competition in Tampere, usually with a few teams. During the kesäretki summer trip the osakunta usually plays a kyykkä match against members of the hosting town’s city council.

Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan suunnistajat (Orienteering)

The purpose of this club is to bring together osakunta members interested in orienteering and endurance training. The club aims to encourage Wiipurilainen osakunta members to enjoy outdoor exercise. The club’s main event of the year is the Jukolan Viesti event in summer. The club may also participate in other mass exercise events.

The club organises regular training, and everyone is welcome to join regardless of physical condition and orienteering ability.

More information can be obtained from the osakunta emailing list, the club’s Facebook group and via email: wosu@wiipurilainenosakunta.fi.

Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan kotiseutukerho

Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan kotiseutukerho introduces the osakunta to traditions from the home region of Southern Karelia. The club’s definition of home region is, however, not so restricted by borders, as evidenced by past day trips exploring Karelian roots in Turku, Hämeenlinna, Porvoo, Tuusula and Tallinn.

The kotiseutukerho also gets involved in Helsinki’s cultural scene, for example by visiting museums. In the past the kotiseutukerho also published the Kaukomieli publication series along with the toimituskunta

The kotiseutukerho have organised Wirsujuhlat in May, showcasing Karelian party food and a presentation from a visiting guest. The programme has also included traditional dancing and dressing in a traditional fashion – however this is interpreted.