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WiO publications and other products can be purchased from the osakunta during meetings (see Events) and at larger events such as Pamaus and Vuosijuhla. It is also possible to order products from the WiO store by mail, although in this case the order must be organised in advance and will include postage costs (minimum charge 8 euros).

Questions about the WiO store’s operation and and orders can be directed to Wiipurilainen Osakunta taloudenhoitaja: taloudenhoitaja(at)wiipurilainenosakunta.fi

Where at all possible, we ask that you pay for your purchase in advance with the reference numbers below to the Wiipurilainen Osakunta operation and publication bank account: FI09 1271 5000 6235 78 (Nordea). Products can then be redeemed with a receipt.

Product selection currently available

Osakunta shirt

The reborn 1970s light blue classic is here! High quality Finnish product from R-Collection, available in both straight and lady sizing. This t-shirt needs no sales pitch!

Price 16/18 euros (civis/seniorit) Reference 1025

Kaukomieli XVI: Osakunta ja kotiseutu.


Wiipurilaisen Osakunta article anthology (in Finnish) published in 2003. Article authors were current oskaunta members and topics related closely to osakunta activity and the home region.

Price 10 euros Reference 1232

Kaukomieli XVII: Ylioppilaselämää – Wiipurilainen Osakunta 1653-2003

YlioppilaselämääThis publication (in Finnish) formed the exhibition brochure for the  exhibition ‘Ylioppilaselämää – Wiipurilainen Osakunta 1653 -2003’ at the South Karelia Museum in Lappeenranta in summer 2003. The publication includes information about the osakunta rooms, furniture, artworks, tickets, Suur-Vaakuna brotherhood, honorary members, osakunta activities at different times and osakunta clubs. The exhibition catalogue presents ‘cultural history in pictures and personal memories.’

Price 10 euros. Reference 1300.

Myrskyn silmässä

Osakunta history has been previously published up until the beginning of Finnish independence. Now, the osakunta’s last hundred years have been compiled into a publication (in Finnish) containing various articles and memoirs. Authors of the book Myrskyn silmässä, published by Viipurin Suomalaisen Kirjallisuusseura and printed by Otava, are current and former osakunta members.

Price 10 euros. Reference 1313.

Song book (2019)

LaulukirjaTraditional Viipuri songs, regional songs, marching songs, Pamaus tunes, songs of osakunta friends, and even Christmas carols are collected into this new songbook. This little red book is a must-have for every osakunta member!

Price 10 euros. Reference 1180.

WiO overalls patch

HaalarimerkkiOveralls patch with osakunta logo and text: “Wiipurilainen Osakunta 1654” on a black background. 

Price 2,5 euros. Reference 1070.


WiO’s red-yellow-blue student overalls will help you to clearly stand out from the crowd. Limited availability.

Price 10 euros. Reference 1177.

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